The future will be Green

like us!

The future will be Green

like us!

Green Tyre Project

Green Tyre Project emerges in 2011 from the ambition to include Sicily among the leading worldwide manufacturers of the tyre rubber recycling industry, transforming waste in secondary raw material. 

Approximately 380.000 tons of used tires are discarded each year in Italy. If these were abandoned, the environmental impact, aside from being an offense against the law, would be disastrous and irreversible.

In order to prevent it, with the M.D. 82 / 2011, the Ministry of the Environment regulated the tyres’ recycling.

The Green Tyre Project team is highly motivated and strongly believes that the way ahead for the years to come is the constant research of the best environmentally friendly technologies and the active responsibility towards the surrounding Nature.

It is unique, fragile and to be safeguarded.

The future will inevitably be GREEN, just as our Company.


Processing 15.000 tons car and truck tyres per annum, Green Tyre Project employs the latest best equipment on the market.

Through the manufacturing process, from once a bulky waste, a secondary raw material is obtained:
rubber granulate and rubber powder (0 – 4 mm, ASTM – E 11 o DIN ISO 3310, free of steel and fibers at 99%).

These have countless applications:

Sports surfaces

  • athletic tracks
  • football / basketball / tennis courts
  • artificial turf
  • playgrounds


  • hospital, industrial, pool flooring
  • interlocking safety tiles
  • sound insulation

Civil engineering

  • rubberized asphalts
  • traffic safety elements
  • warning tiles

And more…

  • adhesives, sealants and insulation
  • plastic and rubber items
  • shock absorbing pads



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